When lawyers and law firms find themselves in the client seat, Cozen O’Connor’s Legal Profession Practice Group, led by reputable and skillful attorneys with invaluable experience in the legal intricacies of law firms and lawyering, provides a one-stop shop to meet their needs. Whether defending a complex legal malpractice suit, navigating a murky ethical obligation, drafting governance documents for a fledgling law firm, or anything in between, our team of experienced attorneys stands ready to assist with the unique and often sensitive issues in-house counsel, outside lawyers, and law firms face.

Our general areas of focus include:

  • legal ethics and professional responsibility conflicts
  • the business of law
  • legal fee challenges
  • risk management
  • cybersecurity
  • legal malpractice defense
  • mediations and arbitrations

Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility Conflicts

Ethics questions can be intricately nuanced and fraught with uncertainty, from age-old ethical questions, to the ethical use of artificial intelligence, to addressing issues related to the burgeoning cannabis industry. Our experienced team of lawyers provides advice and counsel to lawyers and law firms in connection with the full spectrum of ethical issues. We also represent attorneys in disciplinary matters and oppose disqualification motions and/or third-party subpoenas. Additionally, because issues involving conflicts of interest can stymie even the most sophisticated lawyers and law firms, our team includes attorneys whose practice is dedicated to analyzing and helping to resolve conflicts.

The Business of Law

We help our clients navigate the business of law, so that they are free to focus on practicing law for their own clients. Our Legal Profession team includes transactional lawyers who provide practical, timely, and prudent counsel on the full spectrum of transactional issues our clients might face, from the solo practitioner looking to hang her first shingle, to a multinational firm looking to complete a substantial merger, to a firm in the throes of dissolution.

Legal Fee Challenges

Challenges to a lawyer’s fee are increasingly common and often involve a number of issues, primarily involving the duties of professionals, the reasonableness of underlying attorneys’ fees, and the actions of underlying counsel in representing its client. Our attorneys analyze fee disputes, the attendant fee reasonableness issues, and available options to secure resolutions in our clients’ favor. We base our strategies on each matter’s unique facts and on Model Rule 1.5 factors governing the fees and transactions inherent to client-lawyer relationships. As proven trial lawyers who have spent years refining our litigation prowess, we are more than prepared to take a fee dispute to court when necessary.

Risk Management

Lawyers and law firms are beset with risk on many fronts. Whether you need help navigating the quagmire that insurance coverage can present, handling a sensitive situation with a firm lawyer that places the firm at risk, or anything in between, Cozen O’Connor can help.


As frequent targets of hackers, it is crucial for law firms to ensure that their cybersecurity is airtight. To meet this need, Cozen O’Connor offers cybersecurity consulting services through our affiliate, Cozen O’Connor Cybersecurity Services, LLC (COSEC).

Legal Malpractice Defense

Our team has decades of experience defending legal malpractice claims of all kinds. And unlike legal malpractice boutiques, we have direct access to the collective substantive knowledge of a full-service law firm. We understand that successfully defending a malpractice claim requires mastery of the law of malpractice and substantive understanding of the law governing the predicate matter. We bring both to the table for our clients.

Mediations and Arbitrations

Our experienced team of lawyers includes seasoned attorneys who serve as arbitrators and mediators across the country. We made our name as a trial firm with litigators trained to see both sides of any argument, and we bring this skill to bear in our role as mediators and arbitrators. Similarly, our transactional attorneys are second to none. When these lawyers take on the role of third-party neutral, they bring unparalleled substantive knowledge to bear on the resolutions they broker. Our team is respected for their impartiality, ability to get to the core of the matter quickly, and substantive mastery of the matters before them.

Our Legal Profession Practice Group understands and respects the stakes involved when lawyers need lawyers, and we handle each matter with the sensitivity and finesse required when a lawyer’s or law firm’s reputation and/or ability to practice and prosper is on the line.

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